Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Undergrad Art

I just got back in the swing of blogging... I'm sure I'll be messing up a lot until I get the hang of it again. Bare with me :P

I thought I'd start off with posting some of my undergrad paintings. Let me remind you, I never painted anything until first semester, senior year of college. I'm sad I didn't pick up a paint brush before then.

This is my first painting ever. Aweeeee, brings back memories.
"Lovers In A Sunset"
Oil on Canvas
16X 24

Acrylic and Gesso on Canvas

You can't really tell by this picture but I started playing with texture and built up the Gesso so that it was spiky on the canvas.

"Love Is A Mess"
Acrylic on Canvas

Anyone who knows me knows I love color so these next two paintings I decided to add as much color as possible :)

"Autumn Path"
Oil on Canvas

"Dance Like No One Is Watching"
Oil on Canvas

This started as a vision but is still unfinished...somethings look better in your mind then on paper lol That, and I'm still working on getting that transparent look with paint.

First and last time painting a nude model. I'm not a portrait painter that's for sure!